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How to be all you can be… My First Blog


Well , where do I start .. Beauty started out as my fetish which  slowly become an obsession.

I have discovered through my walk in the life that beauty does not only consist of outer beauty, but also  beautifying my mind, investing in yourself and your surroundings to always improve what you can. Taboo with the ..” if its not broken don’t fix it mentality”.

I started my company – Be Dazzle, 16 years ago at the age of 21. It  was not my first choice. however, I could not afford to pay my own law degree at the time . My underlining passion is making people smile, making people happy. Over these years the beauty industry has allowed to fulfill this . As  Maslows theory suggests,   self actualization and reaching your full potential by constantly growing and improving, I find myself more than a decade later, with 2 successful salons, a wonderful son,a  3rd year law student and a Holistic blogger ..

Im sharing this blog with the hopes of  enlightening one person to be more than what they thought they can be and to share the experiences of my life,  sometimes  painful – but always with growth . Many people complain about their lives and circumstances doing nothing to improve them. I’m  constantly looking and reading motivational pictures and books. The one that phrase that stood out to me this week is – Learn more / earn more .

Our ability to be all we can be occurs when we continuously improve not only our physical appearance but mental abilities as well.  Lots of people have a dogmatic approach about  beauty been vain and self centered. However, maintaining our bodies is just as important as knowledge ,for as we become more comfortable in our skins, our self confidence increases. As our self-confidence increases we allow ourselves the freedom to be more than what we ever thought we could be .

Confidence, confidence comes from knowledge, how you feel about yourself.  Beautifying yourself has the ability to increase your confidence.

Every thing that you can dream is only possible through believing in yourself and to believe in yourself you need confidence in yourself .

First impressions, a seven second window when meeting someone new, is the amount of time we have to make a positive, negative or a mediocre impression.

The impression you make within this very few seconds takes into account the following:

  1. Eye contact ( you can decide to have enchanting eyes with captivating lash extensions and perfectly shaped brows, which inadvertently shows you are neat & clean)
  2. Smile ( the whiter your smile the more you are trusted #puresmile)
  3. Clothes ( what you wearing and more importantly how you wearing it will either let people brush you off or take you by the hand )
  4. Skin ( your skin can tell a lot , whether you tired , strained , dull – or perfectly polished with microdermabrasion looking and feeling like you 16)
  5. Nails and hands ( nothing says I don’t have time like chipped polish- nothing is better than a well manicured set of nails )
  6. Toes ……. ( if bad it will be a case of MOLE….. for those who watched Austin powers)
  7. Smell ( you can either make time spent pleasurable or painful)

In that seven seconds that you have to make a  first impression, make it count by investing in yourself so that your expectations for future benefits in life shall increase.

Ask yourself – “ Are you doing your best ? Are you been the best you you can be? “ if not, why not …


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