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The one beauty treatment you should not be living without …




Eye lash Extensions ….

Eye- Lash extensions gives the appearance of wearing mascara yet much much more alluring ,intoxicating and encaptivating.. 

The minute you leave our store with a fresh set of lashes – you would have knocked 5 years off your age .

I  was wearing lash extensions for 6 years straight, having g a fill done every 2 weeks .

Some how I convinced myself I need to take a break ( worst thing I could have ever done !!) 

In my one year devoted to growing my own lash I found myself purchasing and experiencing  the following: 

1. Raccoon effect 

2. Time consuming 

3. Make up remover 

4. Cotton wool 

5. Lash grow serums 

6. Mascar combs 

7. Lash curlers 

8. Lash perms 

Which is all a hell of a costly affair compared to a lash fill every 2 weeks .

After my eye lash extension sabbatical I vouched I will always wear my lash extensions ,besides been costly took up  way too much time.

In comparison to laying 45 minutes for a fill – I would much rather be getting a beauty  nap than the above. 


  1. Rinse them in eve with a ph balanced baby shampoo to remove oils , as oils softens glue and weakens the bonds 
  2. Comb them out with a lash comb morning and night
  3. Use a clear mascara to separate and have them looking fabulous and full whole day 
  4. Have a fill every two weeks 
  5. Do not pull them out rather come in and have them soaked off 
  6. If you have short lashes rather wear a 8mm, as the longer you take them the heavier they are and they will pop off . 
  7. If you have a little lashes opt for a volume set 
  8. Try not to talk to therapist when she doing a set or full | every second counts in getting that full lash.



You are worthit You are enough You can do it

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